Are Brick Laying Techniques a Secret in the Industry?

Since there are YouTube videos all over the place on masonry techniques, and scores of books on the subject, it doesnt appear anyone is trying to keep any secrets here. However, knowing how to do something and having the dexterity and developing the judgement to do it aren't the same thing and bricklaying is not a skill quickly mastered

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If you are pulled over by the police and you know your blood alcohol is a .04 (under the legal limit of .

08) should you lie and say you haven't been drinking? If they still want to test your BAC after you lie should you do it, or refuse?

It depends, have you been drinking?

The .08 is a gray area. Mainly used for if youve taken medication that may contain alcohol such as night quill.

If youve had one beer and you know its only one beer just tell em. The point .08 is also for the one alcoholic drink.

One drink is not enough to get anyone impaired. Just be honest and upfront. Itll go a lot further than lying.


What are the most beautiful churches, temples, mosques, and other houses of worship that you have personally seen?

Ramlie Musofa MosqueThis mosque is located in Sunter area (where I live), Jakarta, Indonesia. Built by a Chinese-Indonesian (Muslim convert).

Jakarta CathedralCompleted in 1901. When going to the city centre of Jakarta, I always pass by this church. Senso-ji TempleOn my second day in Japan, I went to this temple.

Located in Asakusa, Tokyo.Tanah Lot TempleThe last time I saw this temple was 14 years ago (2002). Its in Tabanan, Bali, Indonesia


How many lives would be saved each year in the US if all cars were designed with all passengers strapped into rear facing seats, including front passengers, as a way to cut down on distracted driving eye-contact conversations?

Roughly 60% of all drivers killed in wrecks have BAC > 0.08.General statisticsI dont think that stopping drunks from talking to passengers is going to make much of a difference in how many drunks die.

I know that when I am a passenger, I am a spotter, and prevent at least as many wrecks as I might cause by calling out pedestrians etc. Its texting thats killing people, not talking IRL


What are catchy acronyms used on the Internet while chatting on social networks?

Here Are A Few:-LolLaughing Out Loud ROFLRolling On Floor Laughing CUL8RSee You Later TTFNTata For Now TBHTo Be Honest LMAOLaughing My Ass Out AAYFAs Always Your Friend SUPWhat's Up 224Today Tomorrow Forever 381I Love You 555Hahaha BRBBe Right Back GTGGot To Go Now TCTake Care POTSParents On The Shoulder TBTThrow Back Thursday TGIFThanks God It's FridayHope It Helped


How do I get several days locked down in jail without a record?

You could go to a town meeting, etc., and speak you mind until you get arrested, then you will still need to defend yourself in court and get your record annulled. Things like that.

That seems to happen often enough where I'm from. Now I don't mean that you should be disrespectful, but, rather, that you truly speak your mind and confront your elected officials, as they can't rightly give you a time limit, etc.


How long does it take to recall a wire transfer?

I have no idea. I can't remember the LAST time I've sent one. But I know I've NEVER tried to recall one, or of you actually can.

My thought would be if you're the sender. and the recipient has NOT picked up the moneyI'd think you COULD stop it.But you wouldn't get your fees back!

I REALLY don't know! Sorry


What are police officers looking for in the eyes when conducting the follow- the- finger sobriety test?

Your eyes do not track smoothly.

They jump in tiny increments. Alcohol impairs fine motor control. Your eye jumps in larger increments, and starts later, so the first jump is a doozy.

When holding on an object to the far side the eye does not stop jerking. This is horizontal gaze nystagmus; uncontrolled tracking of the eyes. A few people have it naturally.


How do you solve the math problem below without a calculator?

(a) boldsymboltan x^circThis one is easy:tan x^circ dfractextoppositetextadjacent boxedboldsymboldfrac125(b) boldsymbolcos y^circTo calculate second one, we need to find hypotenuse:AC^2 5^2 12^2 25 144 169 longrightarrow AC 13y^circ 180^circ-angle AC! Bcos y^circ cos(180^circ-angle AC!

B) -cos(angle AC! B) -fractextadjacenttexthypotenuse boxedboldsymbol-frac1213


If an average male drank one 24 oz can of 8.4% alcohol beer, what would his BAC be 3 hours later?

Where do you get 24 oz cans of 8.4% beer?Well, we can simplify the problem.

One 24 oz can of 8.4% beer is equivalent to two 12 oz cans of 8.4% beer which is equivalent to 4 cans of 4.

2% beer. A can like that is considered a standard drink.So your problem simplifies to having 4 standard drinks fast and waiting for 3 hours.

Click on this link and fill in the boxes.Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Calculator


"Il faut obtenir 10 sur 20 pour u00eatre reu00e7u u00e0 son bac." What does this sentence mean?

To get the French secondary education degree (le baccalauru00e9at, roughly equivalent of US first two years of university studies), you have to have an average passing grade (10 out of 20) in all your subjects on the national exam. ( calls the French bac an equivalent of the American high school diploma, but for the most part it is more advanced.



What would happen if phones could automatically sense their useru2019s BAC?

The fun part is while they canu2019t automatically do this there are apps and separate devices available that will let you track / check your BAC manually with your phone. u2026 while I'm sure the goal in their design wasnu2019t to make a game out of getting the u2018high scoreu2019 it may or may not have made for some interesting times


How much do we really understand about flight?

There are a lot more unknowns in the world of amateur scientists than in professionals. We still see many of the old misconceptions bandied about in argued Ad nauseam.These two videos are just about the best on YouTube and we'll get you just about as close as possible to having a veryy good understanding at least when it comes to lift.

Krzysztof Fidkowski | How Planes Fly.


Iu2019m a business administration graduate and I have an MBA. Can I join medical school?

Will they accept me with this degree?

Sure, why not?; Any bachelors degree qualifies but your undergraduate preprofessional committee is quite important for letters of recommendation.

If you went to a very good University, your MBA should bode well for you, as possibly any Masters degree. Of course you still need all the science prerequisites with good grades, which ain't that easy due to the competition and many science/some calculus concepts.


What is the difference between a put and call option in the stock market?

Hey FriendOption TypeCalls PutsBuyersRight to buy stock if exercised Right to sell stock if exercisedSellersObligation to sell stock if assigned Obligation to buy stock if assignedHope You liked it.Make sure you save your hard earned money by joining ZerodhaCharges at ZerodhaOpen an account in 2 mins by scanning the QR Code given below-Or check the comment box for the linkHappy TradingThank You


Is it better not to take a breathalyzer test?

While Im sure your referring to a Field Sobriety Test, Im going to answer the question in a more general fashion.

Is it better not to take a breathalyzer test?No. Buy yourself a breathalyzer, calculate your BAC and test yourself.

Especially before getting behind the wheel. While this answer might seem redundant, evidence suggests that 83% of America doesnt practice


I have a python list like this 'a', 'b', 'c', 'a', 'c', 'b', 'b', 'a', 'c', 'b', 'c', 'a', 'c', 'a', 'b', 'c', 'b', 'a'. How do I convert this into a format like this abc, acb, bac, bca, cab, cba?

old is your old list and new will be your new ''.join(l) for l in oldSlightly less readable and slightly faster version:new map(''.

join, old)I have a python list like this 'a', 'b', 'c', 'a', 'c', 'b', 'b', 'a', 'c', 'b', 'c', 'a', 'c', 'a', 'b', 'c', 'b', 'a' . how do I convert this into a format like this abc, acb, bac, bca, cab, cba?


How much money have you lost over night in the stock market, what was the cause of the loss?

I can't really answer that because I buy and hold and prefer not to look too closely at short term losses. However I can say I am down about 15%across the board since about September. In that time some of my individual stocks have gained up to 70% and others have recorded losses up to 50%.

At present my biggest gainer is up 45% and my biggest loser is down 39%


What does Warren Buffet's recent buyback of Berkshire Hathaway stock tell us about the state of the stock market right now?

Berkshire Hathaway stock is a scam. They never pay dividends to stock holders, NEVER.

To buy back shares of stock instead of paying dividends, shows Buffets contempt for his stockholders in a way he never has before.What good does it do, to buy back shares of a stock that never pays dividends. Usually this is done to prop up stock prices


Do you know any Vietnam veterans who had fun in Vietnam?

I dont understand the purpose of this question. It sounds childish at first, until I checked the profile of the questioner. Then it appears not quite a clever one.

Then, I find this completely unnecessary and trivialised. After all, three millions Vietnamese died in that war. And someone is asking me how an AMERICAN war veteran was feeling ?

Why should I care ?


BC is a chord of a circle with centre O. If A is a point on major arc BC, then angleBAC angleOBC ?

Let angle BACthetaThen, angle BOC2theta.In Delta OBC:textrm OBOC textrm (Radii)textrm therefore angle OCBangle OBC textrm (Angles opposite to equal side)Now applying Angle-Sum-Property in Delta OBC:angle OCBangle OBC angle BOC180^circ2angle OBC180^circ-2thetaangle OBC90^circ-thetatherefore angle OBCangle BAC90^circ-theta thetaboxed90^circtextrm


Which sport pollutes the most?

Motorcycle racing and golf are the games that pollutes mostso many gallons of fuel is wasted just for our enjoyment.

and if any accidents happens during the game it causes a lot of air pollution.with golf may hundreds and thousands of balls are in lakes and ponds near golf courts and innocent aquatic life eats it and dies.


If youu2019re drinking and driving and you get in a car accident, what are the charges going to be?

You could be charged with the traffic violation(s) that contributed to the collision, the driving under the influence charge and any alcoholic containers charges if present. If the combination of the moving violation and drinking violations caused serious injury or death, additional charges like manslaughter may be added or enhanced punishments. It is specific to the evidence present and the laws of that jurisdiction.


How would you feel if every automobile contained technology that denied drivers' access to operate the vehicle, if they were over the legal limit of intoxication to operate, 0.08% BAC?

Its a waste of money for most people.

I dont drink, so the system would never stop me from driving, unless it failed. So why should I pay for it? The hardcore drinkers would work hard at compromising the system.

Id guess buy a used car would work, with a 100% success factor. So Im not sure what would be accomplished, other than driving up cost


Do Chinese people consider Vietnam as part of China?


Your question is quite amusing as they do actually in fact hate 1 another, and are often considered to be at the brink of war. Having said this it is actually the countries as a whole that seem to dislike each other and not the people. As many immigrants and expats encountered in the opposite country always seem to get along fine.


In right angled triangle ABC, D is midpoint of hypotenuse BC then prove that ADBC/2?

Right triangle ABC , right angled at A.And D is the mid point of hypotenuse BC.

Since, mid point of the hypotenuse is circum centre of the right triangle. So D' is the circumcentre of the right triangle ABC.Hence AD, BD & CD become the radii of the circumcircle.

( as circum circle passes through the vertices of the right triangle).So, AD BD CDBut BD CD BCSO, BD CD BC/2Hence, AD BC /2


What is the best car in Need for Speed: Most Wanted?

lamborghini murcielago has the highest top speed.

Slr mclaren has the highest acceleration.Lotus elise has the best handling.But in my opinion BMW m3 gtr is the best all rounder.

it has the 2nd highest acceleration 2nd highest top speed and its handling is great in terms of stability. This car has the lowest chance of losing grip or flipping over


How do I find out from the Utah Highway Patrol if a driver they arrested for DUI that I rear-ended was over the legal alcohol limit so that I can challenge my citation for tailgating? He was arrested for failing field sobriety test.

You still rear-ended a car. If you had maintained a safe following distance and been paying attention, you would not have hit the drunk. You're at fault, and his offense doesn't change that.

That said, I ALWAYS advocate turning all citations over to a traffic attorney. His intoxication may prove a mitigating factor, allowing a plea to a non-moving violation


Do patients lie to physicians?

Yes of course they do.

They do lie to the doctors. Sometimes even if they have pain they try not to show the pain. Some people think that the doctors would provide too much medicine.

But they do not realise that these medicines are the ones that are going to save them. It makes me angry when i see people who do not tell the truth to the doctors

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Death of the Brick-and-Mortar Retail Store
The words in bold black letters liquidation sale and going out of business on the bright yellow backdrop are a sight all too common today. Many will argue that this trend is all the fault of Amazon, that e-commerce is entirely to blame for the disaster. However, this is not entirely true.Forbes claims that 71 percent of consumers expect to see in-store inventory on the companys website and 50 percent expect to be able to pick up their online purchases at the physical store. The pre-existing dilemma of the commercial real estate market caused the closure of thousands of stores. Additionally, because of a change in bankruptcy law, it is more difficult for struggling companies to save themselves.The oversaturated commercial real estate market and a change in business law contributed to the death of traditional in-store shopping- although it is not a bad thing. There was too much retail spaceThe American commercial real estate market was extremely oversaturated even before the rise of Amazon and e-commerce, and it was only a matter of time until the bubble burst. With a free market capitalist system in the United States, there was an astronomically large surplus of commercial real estate. According to Forbes, [retailers] had built enough total retail space to divvy up 46 square feet of it for every man, woman and child in the U. S. All of this space was built to be filled by the thousands of American large and small businesses who wanted a stake in the market on every street corner in every town across the country. Even though population is growing at a faster rate today than retail square footage for the first time in over three decades, according to the popular news company the Washington Post, there are still an excess number of businesses in the the retail sector. Now the weakest ones are being forced to close their doors. The laws changed and it harmed struggling businessThis natural selection of firms has been happening for many years now, due to a fatal combination of the recession of 2008 and a change in bankruptcy law that was enacted in 2005. The changes to bankruptcy code in late 2005 favored the creditors, the parties to whom money is owed, over debtors, the parties that owe money, says news organization CNBC.One of the most significant changes to the laws was that when a firm applies for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, they are given a much shorter time period to restructure their business in order to turn themselves around. With only a maximum of 210 days versus the previous allotted time of 18 months, a struggling firm may not be able to restructure themselves in time, therefore leading to more of these troubled chains to close.Three years after this code change came the recession of 2008. These two conditions were disastrous for troubled retailers when put together. There were record numbers of bankruptcy filings in 2005 and 2008/2009, and the number is on the rise again. After almost 4 months of 2017, Bloomberg news, a leading business news corporation, says that fourteen major chains have filed for bankruptcy, a number exceeding the total number of 2016 bankruptcies. Some of those are The Limited, Wet Seal, and BCBG Max Azria, as apparel retail has been particularly hard hit. Struggling firms are no longer given the chance to save themselves in the current business environment.But what about the damage e-commerce has caused?Tim Worstall of Forbes Magazine argues that the blame for this catastrophe can be placed entirely on e-commerce, as it has become a widely popular mode of shopping, especially among the millennial generation.Amazons customer base has grown almost non-stop due to this major shift in shopping trends, and with the power they have gained they have been working to drive out all of the competition. According to Slate, a news website, because Amazon has knowledgeable investors who have confidence Amazon will make a long run profit, the investors will accept a loss in the short run so that Amazon builds up a strong customer base. With this unique power, Amazon has created different strategies to destroy competitors. One method is the book lending program on Amazon, where customers can loan books to the Amazon library where others can read them. This program has attracted more customers to Amazon while driving them away from Barnes & Noble and the independent book retailers.This aggressive tactic, amongst others, is what led to the demise of the Borders Group and numerous small bookstores. The Nation states that two decades ago, there were about 4,000 independent bookstores in the United States; only about 1,900 remain. Amazons aggressive strategies have helped shut down several storefronts across the nation, however the real estate environment and new bankruptcy codes also are shown to have had devastating effects on brick-and-mortar stores.Why death is not bad in this contextThe decline of the brick-and-mortar store may be upsetting to some nostalgic shoppers, but chances are it will not hurt employees or consumers.The mass closure of brick-and-mortar stores is a reflection of the changing economy. At the end of the 1800s, big businesses became prominent in the American economy. While the new concept of a big business rose, it did not destroy all small family-owned businesses as people feared. Similarly with e-commerce, it does not indicate that all physical stores will close. The bright yellow signs on closing storefronts can then be interpreted not as a devastating loss, but as simply a move in a different direction for commerce
2021 06 10
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Can I Use Caulking to Stick the Tile Back on to the Wall?
There are several types of approved adhesives that can be used with man-made tiles as well as natural stone tiles. While thin-set mortar and mastic adhesive are the preferred materials used in installations, you can also use certain types of caulk to replace single pieces of tile, such as when you are replacing a broken piece with a new one.nSilicone caulk can be used as an adhesive in some cases, and with tile it can work as a replacement for traditional adhesives for repairs. While silicone readily bonds to most types of materials, you should always check the type of tile you have and purchase an appropriate type of silicone caulk to adhere to that type of stone.nThere are numerous brands and types available, but construction adhesive caulks are an all-purpose adhesive that can be used with tiles as well as wood, plastic and other materials. They can be used to install an entire wall if you choose, although they are not recommended as full installation adhesives but rather for repairs only when it comes to tile.nCaulk that is designed only for joint filling cannot be used as an adhesive. Latex and acrylic caulks are good examples of this. While they contain a small amount of adhesive properties to bond to the side of the tiles when they are squeezed into the joints to fill inside corners, they are not rated as actual adhesive products. As such, you cannot install tiles with these types of caulks.nAlthough you can use some types of caulk to install tile, it cannot be used in all instances. Natural stones such as marble and travertine readily soak up color additives, oils and other byproducts from adhesives and transfer them through the stone, which will stain the surface. Regular man-made tiles such as ceramic and porcelain are fine to use with caulk, as are slate and granite.
2021 05 25
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