Black Tiles

Black tiles are quite popular in both traditional and modern interiors, mainly in the bathroom, kitchen and sitting area. There are two main types of such tiles -natural stones, and ceramic or porcelain tiles. Black tiles are often used in combination with some other colour, most notable white.

As an example, white and black chequer tile patterns have been popular for centuries. My favourite tile patterns include a combination of Nero Marquino and Bianco Carrara tiles; basalt or basalterra and Bianco Carrara; and basalt and Thassos. However, black tiles can glamour up interiors on their own, especially when used for flooring.

My favourite choice would be polished baslaterra. Black granite - Absolute Black or other alternatives - are quite popular options for tiles, as well as kitchen worktops. Some people like to combine black kitchen tiles with a black worktop, although in many cases a better option would be to use different colours.

Black marble - Nero Marquino - and other type of natural stones such as basalt or basalterra are less known but gaining in popularity. In particular, polished basalterra and black basalt are becoming quite popular in high end interiors as a luxurious and cost-effective option. Basalterra has better technical characteristics than most types of basalt and has therefore a more versatile range of applications.

Black ceramic tiles are typically used in budget interiors and are easy to clean and maintain. However, they come mostly in small sizes and lack the wow factor of natural stones. They look better when combined with other colours, mainly white.

Like with any material, the choice of tiles depends mainly on the aesthetics, application and budget.

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The Beauty of a Black Ceiling
The black ceiling is quite common in movie halls, theatres, the office presentation room or the commercial kitchen. Movie halls and theatres require light concentration from projectors only on the screen or from spotlights only on the stage. The rest of the hall must remain in pitch-black darkness, thus black ceilings are quite common in these places. Office presentation rooms too do not desire light to reflect from the walls on to the projection screen or wall thus, here too, the back ceiling comes in handy. Commercial kitchens like the restaurants or hotels must have black color ceilings so that soot from charcoal ovens on grills that is deposited on the roof mainly does not alter the look and feel of the kitchen. A lighter colored roof for a kitchen can be disastrous since maintaining and cleaning can be a big issue. Blackened ceilings help solve this issue Using the Black Ceiling That pe of ceilings are easily attainable by either paneling them with black material or by using black wallpaper or paint. Black ceiling tiles are also a good option for attaining a ceiling. Nightclubs and bars use black ceiling tiles since they bring about a shine and glaze to them. Auditoriums and theatre halls have special acoustic ceiling black tiles, which not only helps in solving the light reflection issue but also the noise issue. The tiles in such places have special sound proofing features and have a blunt finish so that they do not have a shiny surface for the light to bounce off them. Modern homes with home theatre rooms or a special TV room also can implement the ceiling with a simple coat of black paint. This can prove to be an arduous job but the result is marvelous in terms of TV viewing. Commercial kitchens too can implement the this ceiling by using black paint, thus maintenance of these kitchen ceilings is possible in a very inexpensive way. Black Ceiling Tiles Ceiling tiles are making great style statements in the industry of ceiling decoration and innovation. Nightclubs and some modern homes are opting for glazed and designer ceiling tiles. They produce a vibrant and beautiful contemporary look to the modern ceiling. Using the proper lighting conditions with the black ceiling can prove to be quite amazing. Many vendors are there in the market of ceiling tiles, which has made shopping for these tiles an easy task. Services provided with installation and special styling facilities by different service providers make every installation a unique one. Special acoustic ceiling tiles are there in the market too, which solves the problem for commercial installation of black ceilings in theatres, offices and auditoriums. The black ceilings incorporated by black color of ceiling tiles are gaining importance in the market very rapidly making a new modern style statement.
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